How To Make Homemade Protein Shakes (Try These Instead)

Do you know Protein Powder is not an essential ingredient for making Protein Shakes? Yes! You heard that right, and in this article, we will share a vibrant range of Customize Tips & Recipes on “How to Make Homemade Protein Shakes?”

Before sticking to our genuine piece of talk, we did like to discuss the potential strength and importance of Protein in our lives. Protein is a micronutrient responsible for various bodily restorations and functionalities.

As far as sources of Protein are concerned, humans have broad options. From extracting pure Protein from Organic Sources to Using Refined Protein Powders and Ready-made Protein-base drinks, you may use plenty of recipes to fulfill your protein demands.

Daily Protein Intake Guide – A Quick Go Through

A Medical study suggests an adult needs 45 to 60 grams of Protein Intake per day, depending on Age, Gender, and Health Conditions. However, you may incorporate a higher volume of this substance into your diet to achieve various physical goals, such as Muscle Gaining, Metabolism Improvement, and Weight Loss.

AgeGenderProtein Intake
Adult aged 65 or youngerMale56 grams
Adult over the age of 65Male67 grams
Adult aged 65 or youngerFemale48 grams
Adult over the age of 65Female57 grams

Types of Protein Powders

Most people believe that Protein Powders are the only medium to meet Protein needs. However, those are mistaken because you could fulfill your Protein Demands by choking up Organic Sources such as Fruits, Seeds, Nuts, and Veggies.

Commercial Protein Powders

As mentioned above, Commercial Protein Powders are widely popular among Bodybuilders, Strength Trainers, and Fitness Geeks, and why not be? Merchant-level Protein recipes are easy to make, deliver pinpoint results, and are often results-oriented.

Organic Protein Sources

Organic Sources of Protein generally refer to Natural Foods such as Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, and Seeds. To be honest, they are the most reliable and safest sources to accomplish your protein demands. Additionally, they carry an array of other healthful calories and fats.

Top 5 Fruits with Max Protein

You may not deny the worth of Fruits regarding any health parameter. And, of course, some of the fruits, like Guava, Avocados, and Apricots, contain a commendable volume of protein. Therefore, giving them a place in your regular diet is always an acceptable choice.

SourceProtein per CupProtein per 100gProtein per 200        CaloriesOn Average
Guavas4.2 grams2.6 grams7.5 grams1.4 grams
Avocados3 grams2 grams2.5 grams4 grams
Apricots2.2 grams1.4 grams5.8 grams0.5 grams
KiwiFruit2.1 grams1.1 grams3.7 grams0.8 grams
Oranges1.7 grams0.9 grams4 grams1.2 grams

Top 5 Seeds & Nuts with Max Protein

Peanuts, Almonds, and Pistachios are those seeds that retain the highest mass of Protein naturally, and adding them to your diet plan could assist you in satisfying Protein Demands. Pertinently, most seeds and nuts carry a valuable amount of Fiber and Calories, making them a perfect choice for weight loss.

SourceProtein per OzProtein per 100gProtein per 200 Calories
Hemp Seeds9 grams31.6 grams11.4 grams
Pumpkin Seeds8.5 grams29.8 grams10.4 grams
Peanuts6.9 grams24.4 grams8.3 grams
Almonds6 grams21.2 grams7.3 grams
Pistachios6 grams21.1 grams7.4 grams

Top 5 Veggies with Max Protein

You’d choose vegetables to meet your Daily Protein Demands. Indeed, veggies are the best option for those who don’t like Animal-based or Commercial Protein Powders. Here is the list of the Top 5 Protein-rich Vegetables.

SourceProtein per cupProtein per 100gProtein per 200 calories
Limba beans11.6g6.8g11.1g
Soybean Sprouts9.2g13.1g21.5g
Green Peas8.6g5.4g12.8g
Sweet Corn4.7g3.3g7.6g

Ready-made Protein Beverages

Although this point has no relevance to the topic at hand, it’s worthwhile to discuss in terms of knowledge and awareness. Ready-made Protein Beverages contain higher volumes of synthetic flavors and chemicals alongside a sufficient amount of protein.

How to Make Homemade Protein Shakes

Homemade Protein Shakes are as convenient as commercial ones if all recipe ingredients are available. Moreover, your creativity and blending skills could help make your Protein Smoothie more tasteful and healthy. Here are some Best Homemade Protein Shakes Recipes.

Chocolate Protein Shake

It is a kind of Mood Booster because it tastes sweet and contains a good volume of Protein alongside other healthful nutrients. If you are a Chocolate lover, I’d recommend you try this recipe for once.

Basic Ingredients

  • 1 apple (chopped)
  • 1 tablespoon almond butter
  • 1 tablespoon grated dark chocolate
  • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
  • 1 cup milk (diary recommended)
  • ½ cup yogurt
  • 2 pitted dates

Process to Blend

  • Start by tossing chopped apple, pitted dates, milk, yogurt, cocoa powder, and almond butter into the base of your blender
  • Whiz, until it gets Thicker and Consistent Texture
  • Pour into glass and serve with Garnish Dark Chocolate on the top

Peanut Butter – Banana Protein Shake

It is probably the most-strengthful recipe in my book. I’d prefer to drink it after consistent workout sessions. Try it post-fitness training, and you won’t regret our advice.

Basic Ingredients

  • 2 bananas (chopped)
  • 2 tablespoons peanut butter
  • 2 cups Greek yogurt/almond yogurt
  • ½ cup full-fat milk/soy milk
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • Cocoa powder

Process to Blend

  • Make your base by adding chopped bananas, peanut butter, milk, and yogurt.
  • Now, blend until it gets a thicker texture
  • Finally, add Chia Seeds and Cocoa Powder on Top and Serve

Reasons to Prefer Homemade Protein Shakes

There are too many reasons to prefer Homemade Protein Shakes over Commercial Protein Powders. Apart from their Organic and Budget-Friendly Nature, Homemade shakes guarantee 0% harm to your health, unlike commercial powders, which can result in significant health damage or allergy reactions.

Usage of Safe & Healthy Ingredients

While making a Homemade Protein Smoothie, the entire recipe is in your hand. You may add or subtract any ingredient of your liking or disliking. So, there are relatively safer and healthier than Market-based Protein Powders.

Avoids Artificial or Chemicalized Stuffing

As we know, Commercial Protein Powders contain chemicals and artificial flavors to deliver instant results, but they could harm from a health perspective. Of the two sides, the homemade recipe entirely relies on Natural and Organic elements.

Contains pure and calculated volume of Protein

Various Merchant-level Protein Powders carry a refined form of Protein, which is less advantageous than it may be in its original state. In contrast, Homemade Shakes contain a pure and true calculated volume of Protein, thus, ensuring the best results.

Budget Friendly

Last but not least, Commercial Protein Powders cost high, and it’s their massive drawback. On the other hand, Homemade Protein Shakes are economical and budget-friendly because you can prepare them utilizing the ingredients available at home.

Wrapping Up

Since I am a strength trainer, I often advise clients to prioritize homemade protein shakes, and this article is the culmination of my efforts. Please let me know your opinion after you try some of my original recipes. Moreover, you may contact me through the Comment Section in case of any Health Ambiguity.

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