How to Make Protein Shakes with Protein Powder (Everything To Know)

Protein powders work well if you follow their specified usage guidelines and use an expert manufacturing technique. So, if you lack any of those qualities, read our article on “How to create Protein Shakes with Protein Powder.”

Protein shakes made from protein powder are frequently preferred by bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts to achieve specific goals, typically to grow muscle, lose weight, or increase workout stamina. Nevertheless, regular folks can include them in their diet plans as well.

Aside from achieving precise objectives, Protein Powders offers the utility of readily making and provides required Protein In-takes. On top of all, they come in various flavors and have varying protein content, making it feasible for customers to choose a bag according to their preferred taste and body needs.

Types of Protein Powders

Protein Powders generally infuse from organic protein sources but are refined to their purest form before reaching the customers. However, you must know which protein source is the best to consume and how much doze of it you should serve for each smoothie.

SourceDoze per ServingProtein Intake
Plant-based 1 teaspoon22 grams of Protein
Whey1 teaspoon26 grams of Protein
Collagen1 teaspoon23 grams of Protein

Commercial Protein Powders do not just serve as a source of the necessary protein needs; they are also excellent choices because they are available in a variety of delicious flavors, enable fuss-free preparation, and support the achievement of particular health goals.

Protein Powder-based Starter Recipe

A standard Protein Shake recipe using Protein Powder only needs a few minutes to prepare. All you need is a teaspoon of Protein Powder alongside Milk or any Liquid, blend them, and it’s ready to drink. Add-ons or Extra toppings like Fruits, Seeds, and Veggies are optional.

IngredientsDoze per ServingProtein Intake
Protein Powder1 teaspoon10-15 grams
Liquid or Diary Milk1 CupMay varies
Extra Add-onsMay VariesMay varies

Process of Making

  • Open the lid of your Blender and add Liquid or Diary Milk
  • Add the recommended amount of Protein Powder
  • Blend well until it thickens up
  • Pour into the glass and Drink instantly

Protein Powder-based Standard Recipe

A standard Protein Shake recipe may vary primarily due to consumers’ likings and variations of ingredients. Of course, you have the option to combine protein powder with various elements, including fruits, nuts, seeds, yogurts, vegetables, flavored ice cream, and artificial sweeteners.

IngredientsDoze per ServingProtein Intake
Protein PowderUse Recommended Doze10-15 grams of Protein
Liquid (water, juice, mik)1/3 Cup of LiquidMay varies
Fruits/Seeds/VeggiesMay VariesMay varies
SweetenerMay VariesMay varies
Extra-Add OnsMay VariesMay varies

Process of Making

  • Start by adding ice alongside Fruits or Veggies
  • Blend those ingredients and then add Protein Powder
  • Next, add a sweetener (Natural or Unrefined)
  • Now, add 1/3 cup of Liquid (Water, Juice or Diary Milk)
  • Shake all products for 3-5 minutes
  • Open the lid, check thickness and drink 

Whey-based Protein Shakes

Whey is probably the most-popular Protein Powder globally. Indeed, Whey contains the most purified form of Protein alongside various other nourishing substances. Check out our best recipe for Whey Protein Shake.

IngredientsDoze per ServingProtein Intake
Liquid (Milk, Juice or Water)1 cupMay varies
Protein Powder1 scoop10-15 grams of Protein
Any FruitBanana, Berries, or AvocadoMay varies
Unrefined SweetenerAgave Nectar or Maple SyrupMay varies
Ice cubesMay VariesNull
Optional Add-onsSeeds, Nut Butter or SpicesMay varies

Process of Making

  • First of all, add the base ingredients such as Liquid and Fruits
  • Then, add a scoop of protein powder and optional add-ons
  • Blend until shake gets smooth and thickness looks
  • Pour and Serve

Wrapping Up

Since Protein Powders are a great source of gaining Proteins, you may enhance their potential and strength by making a few alterations in the making process. Of course, we have tried to share some of the best tips in the following article for making Best taste Protein Shakes using Protein Powders. To get more unique recipes, tips, and ideas, bookmark our website and start receiving automatic alerts.

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