How to prevent Gas from Protein Shakes (Full Guide)

Do these adverse effects of consuming high protein lead me to fart, cause me to have flatulence, or make me belch? If so, “How to prevent Gas from Protein Shakes?” Before sharing a few preventer tips on this particular subject, we would like to respond to the Mythical questions mentioned above.

Prior to the actual, let’s visualize this matter from a Medical perspective. According to statistics, a person with an ideal Nutrition Strategy and healthy digestion system passes gas about 5-15 times a day, depending on diet and nutrient intake.

If anyone goes over this limit, it’s because they’re eating a certain cuisine that’s hard to digest or utilizing too much protein powder (a conflictual opinion) as unsupported by data.

Notably, a famous US-based gastroenterologist Sameer Islam asserts that “the type of protein you are taking, such as that found in meats or the components in shakes plays a more substantial influence in gas.”

What causes Protein Farts?

prevent Gas from Protein Shakes

Protein Powders that were once used as power supplements by Bodybuilders and Fitness Nerds are now popular-choice with ordinary people for being convenient in use and potential protein carriers. But they do have Side-Effects.

An unpopular medical study reveals that non-protein ingredients added to protein powders are likely responsible for the negative results rather than the protein in the powder itself.

Hence, Extra Add-ons in any commercial protein powder, like lactose, sweeteners, or even grains, cause various health issues such as Flatulence, Smelly Fats, and Stomach Disorder.

How to prevent Gas from Protein Shakes

If you’re stuck with protein-induced flatulence issues and searching for verified methods to tackle these issues, you’re in the right place.  Here are some advice and strategies to help you cope with this situation.

Go for a Different Protein Powder

If you are using Protein Powders containing a high volume of concentrates like Lactose, Sugar Alcohol, or Artificial Sweeteners, abandon them immediately. Instead, migrate to Whey Protein featuring less lactose or switch to Non-milk powders, such as Soy and peas.

Reduce Protein Intake

Going hard on Protein doze may cause uncomfortable stomach situations. Most experts recommend 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of target bodyweight. For stance, if you’re 180lbs, you must take 215 grams of protein per day. And while it’s a lot of protein, try to reduce this amount and work yourself up before reaching the required amount.

Try to substitute Herbs to your Diet

Herbs have the natural ability to soothe digestive problems, including bloating or excessive farting. Therefore, make a habit of consuming a ginger or peppermint beverage after every meal. Within a few days, you might see some progress.

Reduce Gas-Inducing Carbs

Carbs are the prime culprits for most digestion-related issues. You must eliminate carbohydrate-rich products from your daily diet and abstain from utilizing protein powders high in carbohydrates. Here are some high-volume Carbs sources.

SourceCarbs per 100 grams
Fast Foods46.1 grams
Soft Pretzels71 grams
Cereals73.8 grams
Milkshakes25.6 grams
Cakes with Frosting55.4 grams

Use Natural Remedies

You may have relief from flatulence by using a variety of natural remedies. On top of all, try to use natural ingredients in diets such as Simethicone or Charcoal. In addition, Always drink slowly and eat slowly. When you rush through eating and overeat, your body swallows extra air, which can lead to gas problems.

Wrapping Up

The prime cause of flatulence or gas issues in most people is the usage of various additives in commercial protein powders. If you’ve been having trouble with this issue for a while, try one of our discussed methods above. Additionally, cut back on your protein powder consumption or adopt regular usage of natural ingredients in your diet plan

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